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Mobility on The Go

Looking ahead to the Windows 10 Anniversary update

Users of Windows 10 would already aware of the innovative and productivity benefits it brings. The security advantages Windows as a service provides with continual updates against the latest threats is also evident as vulnerability gaps are minimised. With closer integration with other Microsoft platforms and cross-device management supporting mobility-on-the-go, the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update promises more features and enhancements which add flair to functionality in enriching the user experience.

Hello ... and Welcome

Passwords are a boon and an inconvenience, a necessity and a nuisance. With Windows Hello, you can eliminate passwords whilst remaining protected with enterprise-grade security. Using a biometric login system, you can easily sign on to your device with a tap of the screen. Depending on your biometric tool of choice, once it recognises your finger-print or voice, your device unlocks and gives you access to participating Microsoft apps and websites on Microsoft Edge.

Cortana – Your maturing personal digital assistant

Cortana has learnt a lot since being introduced a year ago, and the experience the personal digital assistant has gained is reflected in its growino arsenal of abilities, with features particularly useful for the small-and-medium enterprise environment. Cortana still(helps you with work reminders, scheduling, searches and tasks, but is now also more proactive in its personal interactign with you, and will make suggestions on transportation, meals gr activities of interest to you. Such intuitive qualities will help keep you organised and prepared, and with nearly 1,000 Cortana-enabled apps already available, Cortana will satisfy your curiosity on a whole host of subjects.

For quicker access, Cortana is available on locked screens as well. It works across devices; thus it does not matter if you keyed in your meeting details into your desktop; you can receive the reminder on your mobile if you are away from your desk. As Cortana works closely with your Windows phone, an added feature is its ability to warn you as your battery power decreases.

Write away with Windows Ink

Recognising that many of us retain a habit of wanting to write instead of type, the Window Ink Workspace provides increased options for using a pen (or fingertip) to write on our devices. The Workspace also has a host of pen-enabled apps such as Sketchpad, Screen Sketch, Sticky Notes and graph-enhancing features to cater for users who prefer to scribble reminders, notes or doodle as they think. Even when your device is locked, Windows Ink stays active allowing you to take notes. Ink is integrated into apps such as Maps, Edge and Office, and developers can easily incorporate Ink into their apps.

Further improvements which will be incorporated into the Anniversary update include enabling universal windows platform (UWP) apps to Xbox which allows Xbox One to be turned into a developer kit as well as changes to the Start Menu and Windows 10 task bar.