Cloud transformation Lead


  • Assurance of formation of competitive and demanded solutions and services of the company in Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity by:
    • Defining of key capacities for business growth, based on the analysis of markets and industries trends, competitive situation and main competencies of the company and its partners
    • Arranging of the development of new products, solutions, services, at the cost of corporate competencies, as well as at the cost of creation of the portfolio of third party ISV-solutions within the framework of structured partner program
    • Arranging the process of new products and services introduction to the market, including interaction with marketing, sales and services departments of the company and the partners
    • Evaluating the efficacy of investments into the portfolio of solutions at the cost of assurance of adequate accounting of P&L regarding created products and services
  • Development of organizational and business modifications and control of their performance.
  • Arrangement and control of development of marketing campaigns to promote the sales of certain products.
  • Manage the personnel of the department: employment, training, KPI issuing, tasks statement, delegation procedure, performance control.


  • High education degree, preferably IT or technical.
  • Work experience at managing positions in foreign or Russian IT companies for more than 5 years. Work experience in Microsoft is preferable.
  • Experience of work with innovations (products, technologies, market initiatives, ideas in the area of organizational development, etc.).
  • Expertise knowledge of cloud products.
  • The experience of business processing development and big projects accomplishment.
  • Experience of managing the projects on products and services development.
  • Skills of modifications managements, market and environment analysis.
  • Experience of work with strategic partners, experience in top level negotiations.
  • Successful managing experience above 5 years, the experience effective team creation.
  • English - fluently, written and oral.

Personal features:

  • Ability to adopt strategic, tactical and managing solutions.
  • Ability to work in multi-task mode, managing several projects simultaneously.
  • Personal responsibility for the results.
  • Sound leadership skills .
  • Developed professional communication skills.
  • Ability to arrange work process and time-management in rational manner.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • High motivation and persistence.