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The CIO-CFO Dialogue: Beyond Budgets. Leading business innovation together

  • Organizers:
  • Date of the: 20 june 2017, 08:30:00  — 13:30:00
  • Location:
    Mandarin Oriental KL, Topaz Room, Level 2
  • Softline

Increasingly, the CIO and CFO are attending meetings together to jointly discuss innovations and new solutions. We don’t see this to be very common as yet, but it’s crucial in the digital economy that CFOs take an earlier interest in innovation, while CIOs learn how to relate on a strategic level with top financial officials.

Take big data for example, it drives the next-generation predictive business as it offers great insights for companies to stay ahead of games. Financial organization benefits when these data are processed and presented in a single dashboard because they gain real-time reporting and insights into every transaction and eliminate the delays and incompatibilities of doing their analysis in separate, disparate systems.

In the same instance, we see CIO brings accuracy and technological advantage to the enterprise, while the CFO is positioned to drive out costs that were previously unrecognized due to reporting delays or a lack of clarity. Partnership as such are great opportunities for CFOs and CIOs to help companies achieve goals for profitability, growth, and productivity by addressing technology as a business priority.

This is the 2nd annual CIO event of Softline where we bring in the element of finance solutions this year.

Come and join us on 20th June for an eventful morning where you will meet with your fellow CIO CFO peers and together let’s explore an innovative and a secured pathway to achieve digital transformation and be the leader and game changer in your industry. 

8:30 am Registration
9:30 am Welcom Remarks
9:45 am Keynote: Strategic Partnership that Rocks the Future
10:00 am Business Innovation Built on IT
10:30 am Accelerate ROI through Innovative Spend Management
11:00 am From CFO to CFO: The Numbers Tell the Tale
11:15 am From CIO to CIO: The Game Changer
11:30 am Cloud Security
12:00 pm Discussion: Business Profitability through Cloud
12:30 pm Networking Lunch
1:30 pm End of Event

Agenda may be subject to change.