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Microsoft SQL and Softline can help you to unleash the power from your data

29.05.2018 31.07.2018
Microsoft SQL and Softline can help you to unleash the power from your data


Microsoft Solutions form a core component of Softline’s business across the globe and specifically in APAC our long-term partnership and relationship with Microsoft enables us to provide a full spectrum of Microsoft services to our customers ranging from simple point product implementations to a complex solution comprising multiple Microsoft products to consulting on choice of the right solution and pilot implementations to post implementation support and maintenance services.

Microsoft data platform solutions release the hidden potential of your data. Be it on the local infrastructure, the cloud or the edge and reveal insights and opportunities to turn your business into your favourite platform: SQL Server on Linux, Windows or MacOS.

At Softline Malaysia, specifically for SQL workload, we offer the following services

  • Migration & Upgrade Services
  • Consulting on DB Consolidation  
  • SQL Server Optimization
  • License optimisation
  • Migrate from On Premise to Azure.
  • Training Services on SQL
  • Data Analytics as a Service offering
  • Support Services

Let’s get you started with a quick offer from us

At Softline we are continuously finding ways to engage deeper with each & every client by delivering additional value-added services and as an appreciation of our engagement with you and to build a lasting relationship.

  1. SQL Server Workload Assessment Workshop — Softline will offer a free 2-day free workshop in which our resources will study the existing SQL Server usage within your organization and come out with a Consolidation plan for SQL Server. The SQL Server footprint could be consolidated Physically, Virtually or in a Hybrid Manner. This will help organizations optimize their SQL Server licenses.
  2. High Availability — Softline can assist you with a No cost-based assessment of your Business Continuity needs and come out with a High Availability and Disaster recovery plan for the SQL Server databases deployed within your organization. We can also later on help you implement these solutions.
  3. Upgrades — It is always beneficial to business to be on the latest platform. We at Softline can help you adopt some of the cutting-edge technology features of the latest SQL Server versions in case you are on an older version. We offer a free assessment of the existing setup and can come out with recommendations on the best methods to upgrade your databases to the latest ones. We can also help with dependency checklist and work with ISV partners if need be.

In case you are interested to know more or avail any of these services, please get in touch with us today by writing directly @ info@softline.my today