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IoT Service for Cryogenic Industry
The company needed a service for remote monitoring of air separation plant and collection of data with a specific set of metrics. The project objective was development of a mathematical model for optimization of the process of technical maintenance of equipment and a number of related business processes.
Microsoft Azure for Media – Disaster Recovery
Azure Media Services – the platform of choice
Microsoft versus Google
Choosing the right cloud platform
Mobility on The Go
Users of Windows 10 would already aware of the innovative and productivity benefits it brings. The security advantages Windows as a service provides with continual updates against the latest threats is also evident as vulnerability gaps are minimised. With closer integration with other Microsoft platforms and cross-device management supporting mobility-on-the-go, the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update promises more features and enhancements which add flair to functionality in enriching the user experience.
Microsoft Azure – Why It’s For You
The last few years have seen cloud computing come forward as the ultimate solution for large and SME companies, seeking to remain competitive. There is no doubt in the advantages of cloud computing, especially for those in technology-based services. With cloud computing, businesses enjoy scaleability, and accessibility to new applications, resources and services – all of this, while savouring the cost benefits of outsourcing both hard and software required for technology-based services.