Microsoft Global Alliance Program Director

Role name: Microsoft Global Alliance Program Director

Reporting to: Director of Strategic Development of Softline Group


Implement the Microsoft business strategy through RoB and programmatic initiatives (unified KPI`s, incentives, reports, campaigns, projects, etc.)

  • Build and maintain RoB between Microsoft and Softline business executives on a Corporate HQ and Regional HQ (CEE, APAC, LATAM, Russia, CIS) levels
  • Participate in KPI-setting process for a various roles in organization to ensure relevant roles have Microsoft business related KPI`s aligned with strategy and Microsoft-related KPI`s are coordinated between different roles
  • Ensure implementation of Microsoft business related KPI`s to a performance and compensation measurement of various roles in organization
  • Attract financing of Softline Microsoft business related initiatives from MS on Corporate HQ and Regional HQ levels
  • Ensure preparation and execution of global and regional marketing plans for Microsoft business
  • Participates in designing and launching Promo and SPIFF programs to drive growth of Microsoft business in alignment with strategy


  • Organize and manage RoB between Softline and Microsoft executives on a CHQ, ensure Softline`s visibility and face-time with Microsoft top-level executives (MS CVP and above)
  • Organize and control regularity of QBR and RoB between Softline and MS Regional HQs (CEE, APAC, LATAM, Russia, CIS) and make sure that relevant people is involved on Regional and HQ side from Softline
  • Build, approve with business executives and launch programmatic initiatives aimed to support implementation of Microsoft business growth strategy (Promo, SPIFF, etc.)
  • Build proposals on distribution and spending of the investments provided by Microsoft, request regular reporting from business units on the actual spend of these investment
  • Ensure that global and regional marketing plan aligned with Microsoft business development strategy in Softline and control Microsoft marketing plan appropriate execution on a regional level (CEE, APAC, LATAM, Russia, CIS)
  • Build, approve with HR and business executives and control actual implementation of MS business related KPI`s in the compensation plans across relevant roles and business units within Softline globally
  • Provide inputs and feedback for the regular update of Softline strategy for the Microsoft business

Success criteria:

  • Existing and regular RoB between MS and Softline executiveson a Corporate HQ and Regional HQ (CEE, LATAM, APAC, Russia, CIS) levels
  • High satisfaction level from the partnership of both MS and SL executives
  • Marketing plans and execution on a global and regional level well aligned with Microsoft business development strategy of Softline
  • KPI`s across various relevant roles and business units globally is aligned with SL stragety for the Microsoft business development
  • SL attracts direct and in-direct investment from MS on a level comparable and exceeding investments received by other Microsoft Global Partners
  • Promo and SPIFF programs on a global and regional level is well-aligned with Microsoft business development strategy of Softline